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Tabloid Thursday: The "latest extreme fashion" of 1911

Tabloid Thursday: Where yesterday's news is today...

T.T. is an experimental weekly meme I'm trying here at "Roots & Stones" (please let me know if there are any themes/memes already around like this - I don't want to reinvent the wheel!). 

I wanted a weekly feature where I could showcase articles, those lovely little social news items (i.e. "Mrs. X and daughter visited Mrs. Y this weekend and will be returning home on Thursday..."), and other interesting newspaper "stuff" I've come across in the course of my research.  Thus, Tabloid Thursday...


Source: "The Cobalt Daily Nugget" 29 March 1911, p. 3, columns 1-3
Accessed at Google News archive, 9 December 2010

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Harem Skirt Appears, Attracts Big Crowds
Mrs. Charles Stevens Walks From Princess Theatre to Nugget Office in Latest Extreme Fashion
      Cobalt saw its first harem skirt yesterday, and more than half the town was out to see this latest creation in women's fashions. Mrs. Charles Stevens, wife of the manager of the Princess Theatre, wore the skirt, and was accompanied on her stroll from the theatre to The Nugget office by Mr. Stevens. It had been announced that at 4.30 she would start up town from the theatre, and when that hour arrived the sidewalks about the Square were lined with women and men anxious to see this garment that has caused so much discussion since its appearance a short time ago in Paris.
      Cameras were at a premium, and every available machine in town was in the hands of some young man, who took advantage of every stop made by Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, to secure a snap. Walking over the Square and followed by a large crowd, the undaunted introducer of the fashion and her husband paid a visit to The Nugget office, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrie. Later a photograph of these four in a group was taken.
Upon her return to the theatre Mrs. Stevens removed her new garment and it was then placed on view in the window of a store on the Square. To-night the harem skirt will be seen at the Princess Theatre in a specialty turn, which Mr. and Mrs. Stevens will present.
      The harem skirt was made by Miss. Angeline Legris, Lang street, and was the subject of many flattering comments. The bodice of the garment is of pongee silk with Empire effect and buttons made of the goods; while the pantaloons are of Copenhagen blue liberty satin with tight lining. This portion of the skirt also bears buttons of the goods, while a large buckle of the same material gives a natty effect to the entire costume.

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