Sunday, December 26

Holiday Overload (Research Diary, no. 6)

My Research Diary:
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Part dear diary...
Part Nosy-Nellie...

Weekly events, plans (and a question or two) from my oh-so exciting genealogy (and sometimes non-genealogy) life...

"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)


What happened this week:

Blog housekeeping...
  • Fiddled around some more on (and added to) my Blogger profile...
  • New followers - hello to everyone and thanks (as always) for reading!  I think I've followed everyone in turn, but if I haven't please let me know!
  • I've added 17 new-to-me blogs to my reading lists - see below (though I'm sure there will be more, as always!)
  • In a word...not much!  I had three days off work over the holidays, and planned to work on genealogy...  Guess how well that plan turned out!  Nevertheless, it was a good (if quiet) holiday and I'm hoping to get back to my research very soon.  I hope everyone's holidays' were just as good and Santa didn't pass you by! :) 
  • I did have my regular postings, however, including Tombstone Tuesday (Oshawa Union), Wordless Wednesday (Valcartier picture postcard, part 3), and Tabloid Thursday (immigration, spending and train travel in 1911)...
  • well as "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy", including the results for Week 11 (Transitional Genealogists Forum) and a new challenge for Week 12 (Archive and Library sites).
  • I guess my biggest step (even though it only consisted of a couple of clicks!) was becoming a FamilySearch Indexer.  I can't wait to get started!
  • Thanks to blogs, I found two interesting sites worthy of further investigation: BBC History Magazine's book reviews and a history of the Rise and Fall of the Workhouse from "Anglo-Celtic Connections", a great overview of the Scottish-Gaelic language at from "a'spaidsearachd agus a'meòrachadh", as well as a book: Great War Commands: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Army Leadership 1914-1918 edited by Andrew B. Godefroy from "Veterans of Southern Ontario".

New-to-me blogs:

What's coming up:
  • My usual Tombstone Tuesday and Tabloid Thursday...
  • ...and Wordless Wednesday brings another Valcartier picture postcard.
  • My results for Week 12 (Archive and Library sites) of "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy" and a new challenge post for Week 13 (Cyndi's List).
  • Besides recovering from turkey overload, I'm not quite sure...  We'll just have to see what the week brings!

My Question (among questions!):

Did you get any good genealogical goodies from Santa?

Though nothing overtly genealogical, I did receive a history book about the Black Plague and a Chapters gift card (more books, yay! :)

Thanks for reading!

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