Sunday, December 12

Research Diary, No. 4

My Research Diary:
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Part dear diary...
Part Nosy-Nellie...

Weekly events, plans (and a question or two) from my oh-so exciting genealogy (and sometimes non-genealogy) life...

"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)


What happened this week:

Blog housekeeping...
  • I separated some more labels from the main list: "Ontario Counties & Disticts" and "Memes & Themes" are now distinct label lists, along with "Surnames".
  • I moved some buttons to the bottom of the blog, including blogoversary (only 50 more days!), Geneabloggers, comments, and the moon phases.  I was thinking of moving the Followers gadget down there as well, but I kept it in the sidebar as it breaks up the text...
  • I added an identification/copyright footer.
  • I added 48! new-to-me blogs to my reading lists - see below (though I'm sure there will be more!)
  • I gained (just a few! ;-) new followers - hello to everyone (new and old) and thanks for reading!
  • I added my name to the Geneabloggers Blog Listing - and I appeared in the December 4rd edition of New Genealogy Blogs. Thanks Thomas!
  • Organization may (finally!) be coming!  I've finally found the type of forms I want to use (actually, I ended up making the templates myself...) and have started to input data.  Along with my Research Plan (see below), I think I'm finally on the road to least it feels that way!
  • I finished the "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy" challenge for week 8 (online maps) and week 9 (genealogy blogs) and posted the challenge for week 10 (Family Search Pilot)...
  • I bought a scanner!  And it was on sale!  Now I can start posting my gadzillion cemetery pics...
  • I created an overall Research Plan, including my "mission statement", my research focus, sources, an organizational plan, and objectives for the coming year.  And since I'm you have a general genealogy research plan (whether kept in your brain or jotted down on paper)?  Or do you fly by the seat of your pants? ;-)
  • I posted my first "Tabloid Thursday" - a personal weekly meme designed to showcase everything newspaper: articles, social news, columns, and other little tidbits.  This week it was...1910 BMDs and a "cheerful spinster" wanted
  • Other posts this week included my first Wordless Wednesday and my entry for footnoteMaven's Blog Caroling theme.
New-to-me blogs:

What's coming up:
  • I have two new pages I want to create: i.) a Resources page listing the cemetery transcriptions and books I've acquired, both for my personal memory and also for other researchers (look-ups and such); and ii.) a Brick Walls page, where I can (briefly) lay-out my major research hurdles.
  • My results for Week 10 (Family Search Pilot) of "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy" (for which I don't have very long with the brand-new site coming soon!) and a new challenge post for Week 11 (Transitional Genealogists Forum).
  • My first Tombstone Tuesday post! ;-)
  • I would also like to participate in Military Monday, but what I have in mind might take a bit of planning... so stay tuned for that! ;-)
  • For Wordless Wednesday I have a second Valcartier postcard and Tabloid Thursday brings the arrival of Paris fashion to a rough-and-tumble mining town...

My Question (among questions!):

Do you have an ancestor who served in the Great War (World War I)?  My family (except for my step-great-grandfather, but mom's already "claimed" him...) is lacking in Great War soldiers, so I find myself "collecting" other people's ancestors...  Or on the opposing side, was anyone in your family interred as an "enemy alien" during the Great War?

Thanks for reading!


Thomas MacEntee said...

In terms of World War I and ancestors, the United States entered rather late in the Great War and that might account for the lack of ancestors for most of us. I do, however, have the draft registration forms for most of my ancestors.

Marian Pierre-Louis said...

You seem very organized to me and you've got some great goals. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Hi Thomas: Thanks for the comment. Even though I don't have any known American relations, I've skimmed the draft registrations available at Ancestry just for interest. Recently I stumbled across a card in Assumption co., Louisiana that had "Oct. 5, 1779" as the date of birth! Jenn

Jenn said...

Hi Marian: I may look organized on paper, but actually implementing the plan is another thing! Thanks nevertheless! (And congrats on your FTM's Top 40 Best Genealogy Blogs nom!) Jenn

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Thanks for including my blog in your list, Jenn! Some of those are new to me, too!

To answer your question, I don't know of any of my ancestors having served in WWI, but I've found several draft registration cards, like Thomas mentioned.

Jenn said...

I love your blog, especially the weekly "Best Bytes" - I'm always guaranteed to read something new and interesting! Thanks for answering my question as well! The draft cards are a handy resource.
Jenn :)