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Tabloid Thursday: Immigrants, Money and the Train...

Tabloid Thursday: Where yesterday's news is today...

T.T. is an experimental weekly meme I'm trying here at "Roots & Stones" (please let me know if there are any themes/memes already around like this - I don't want to reinvent the wheel!). 

I wanted a weekly feature where I could showcase articles, those lovely little social news items (i.e. "Mrs. X and daughter visited Mrs. Y this weekend and will be returning home on Thursday..."), and other interesting newspaper "stuff" I've come across in the course of my research.  Thus, Tabloid Thursday...


Source: "The Cobalt Daily Nugget" 12 July 1911, p. 2, column 3
Accessed at Google News archive, accessed 22 December 2010.

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      For the month of May the railways reached the high-water mark as regards records for the carrying of immigrants.
      During May, 40,000 immigrants, the majority of whom were of British origin, passed through Montreal on their way to Western Canada. The Canadian Pacific carried an average of 1,000 immigrants a day, the Grand Truck had an average of 250 a day.
      These figures form a striking contast for the month of May thirty years ago, when the total immigration into the country was 6,601.
      One railway official said that it was surprising what a big total of hard cash was disbursed in Canada by these immigrants. On an average, he said, they spend in railway fares $15 each, which means a total of $600,000, while expenses of food, beds and other incidentals amount to another $15 by the time they get to their destination. This means that during May British immigrants spent in Canada within the first few days of their arrival considerably over a million dollars.


Kathy Reed said...

I absolutely love the pictures you use at the beginning of each post. Where do you get them?

Jenn said...

Nothing too technical - Google images and the Paint program (for the words)! It's amazing what you can find through Google! :)