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Who Am I?

I'm a 6th-generation Canadian, who has been hunting for her roots for the past decade-ish. I'm proud of my country and my roots and I also love a puzzle... gee, I think I'm on the right track!

Like most genealogists, I love walking through cemeteries (and even just sitting in cemeteries; they're extremely pretty and serene places...), while peering at names and dates and carvings of long-deceased loved-ones (usually someone else's loved one, since "my" cemeteries are far from where I live).

I also have an abiding love of history (history books are like candy to me!), and I want to share my passion of social, community and military (usually, but not limited to, the Great War) Canadian history.

Non-family history interests include writing (I "attempted" NaNoWriMo this year and while I didn't have a win, I did complete my outline and some text for my newest project), cross stitching (I'm great at starting projects, but then they tend to languish for a long time), hiking, cats, baking and (cake) decorating, and (more) books...

If you have any questions, comments, etc., please feel free to leave a comment on the blog or email me at canadiangenealogy@hotmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit! 

Why "Roots and Stones"?
(the long version)

The title of this blog, "Roots and Stones", was directly inspired by the photograph I used as the header (Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France): the trees are the "Roots" and the mausoleums are the "Stones".  I would also consider both things symbolic of genealogy: "Roots" are the ancestral lineages we search for, while the "Stones" symbolize the countries and places where our ancestors originated from...or something like that ;-)

"Roots and Stones" is intended to document my renewed (after a 2-3 year absence) personal quest to locate my far-flung ancestors/aunts and uncles/cousins/etc.  My research is not inclusive of only my direct line - I want to find everyone - aunts and uncles, cousins, wives of cousins, etc.

I also plan to pepper "Roots and Stones" with general Canadian genealogy and history records, resources, links, photographs, and other miscellaneous information.  My own research focuses heavily on Canadian (usually Ontario and especially the Ottawa Valley area) resources (since I have yet to go beyond the water to the "Old Counties"), and thus this blog is also part-clearinghouse for anything and everything that I find (whether it pertains to my particular families or not).

Pages of "Roots and Stones"
(in brief)

         My genealogy blog, "Roots and Stones", dealing with my personal family searching, as well as general research impacting (mainly) Ontario, Canada.  Regular features include "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy", my personal research diary, "Military Monday", "Tombstone Tuesday", "Wordless Wednesday", and "Tabloid Thursday" (a personal meme).

          Uh... the page you're currently at... ;-)

Research Plan
          My overall genealogy plan of attack (including a mission statement, focus, sources, and personal organization), along with long-term goals and a listing of individual/surname research plans (both already written and planned).

Research Interests
          Various surnames and locations that I'm interested in. This page is currently under construction!

          A general listing of any and all documents I've gathered, organized by surname.  At the moment it's rather incomplete (since I've only just started it...).

          A listing of books, Ontario civil registrations, and cemetery transcriptions that I have in my possession and, if needed, will do look-ups in.

          Genealogy resources/records/information available online, organized by location and category.  These are mainly ones that I've utilized during my research.  (And be warned: I'm very much an advocate of free genealogy...)