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Tabloid Thursday: Diptheria and Typhoid by the numbers...

Tabloid Thursday: Where yesterday's news is today...

T.T. is an experimental weekly meme I'm trying here at "Roots & Stones" (please let me know if there are any themes/memes already around like this - I don't want to reinvent the wheel!). 

I wanted a weekly feature where I could showcase articles, those lovely little social news items (i.e. "Mrs. X and daughter visited Mrs. Y this weekend and will be returning home on Thursday..."), and other interesting newspaper "stuff" I've come across in the course of my research.  Thus, Tabloid Thursday...


Source: "The Ottawa Daily Citizen", Wednesday, November 2, 1887, p. 1, column 4.
Accessed at Google News archive, 27 January 2010.

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Deaths Caused by Diptheria and Typhoid Fever in Ontario.
Provincial Board of Health Statement.
By Telegraph to The Citizen.
      Toronto, 1st. - At a meeting of the Provincial Board of Health this afternoon a statement regarding the prevalence of diptheria and typhoid fever was read. Out of 600 municipalities 353 reported and out of these 185 reported either diptheria or typhoid fever, and 71 reported neither diseases. The total number of cases of diptheria was 1,888 and of typhoid fever 864. The deaths from diptheria numbered 488 and from typhoid fever 135. The causes given were impure water, impure milk and causes in connection with slaughter houses and cheese factories. A statement regarding the prevalence of these diseases in several Ontario cities was also presented as follows,

      Cases of diptheria 428, deaths 155, cases per 1,000 of population 3.39, deaths per 1,000 1.23; cases of typhoid fever 127, deaths 41, cases per 1,000 1, deaths per 1,000 32.

      Cases of diptheria 134, deaths 15, cases per 1,000 3.11, deaths per 1,000 34; cases of typhoid 47, deaths 3, cases per 1,000 1.09, deaths per 1,000 0.7.

      Cases of diptheria, 46; deaths, 2; cases per 1,000, 4.38; deaths, .19; cases of typhoid, 10; deaths, 1; cases per 1,000, 95; deaths, .09.

St. Thomas
      Cases of diptheria, 30; deaths, 4; cases per 1,000, 2.92; deaths, .38; cases of typhoid, 1; deaths, 1; cases per 1,000, .09.

      Cases of diptheria, 3; deaths, 3; cases per 1,000, .33; deaths, .33; cases of typhoid, 3; deaths, 1; cases per thousand, .33; deaths, .11.

      Cases of diptheria 60, deaths 19; cases per 1,000, 2.26, deaths .71; cases of typhoid 5, deaths 3; cases per 1,000, .18, deaths .11.

      Cases of diptheria 63, deaths 8; cases per 1,000, 4.83, deaths .61; cases of typhoid 92, deaths 4; cases per 1,000, 7.06, deaths .38.

      Cases of diptheria 18, deaths 1; cases of typhoid 14, deaths 3.


Kristin said...

great idea - tabloid tuesday. sad topic for today.

Kathy Reed said...

Jenn, I've been absorbed in this topic, too. My Great-Uncle, age 22, died 100 years ago aboard the USS Virginia of diphtheria. What a loss. Here is a link:

Jenn said...

Hi Kathy:

I'm been following your series. It's a sad topic, but a prevalent one. The "Ottawa Valley Irish" blog has just posted a series of death registrations that took the lives of 4 young children from the same family -