Tuesday, February 2

To join or not to join...

Now that I'm returning to my search, I've been thinking about my "community" options. 

I was previously a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society, one of the few genealogy societies in Ontario that is not affliated with the OGS - and thus does not have their high membership (plus branch membership!) fees.

I'm planning (I'm just waiting to print the membership form) to join the LCGS.  By joining, members receive the newsletter, "Lanark Log", 8 times per year and the opportunately to submit research interests (either in the newsletter or on the website).  For $15.00 annually, I'm hardly going to quibble about the price! 

I'm even (gasp!) thinking about joining the OGS (certainly I want to attend the 2010 conference in Toronto this May) - but that may wait for a little while longer.  With an initial membership fee of almost $70.00, plus (multiple) branch fees amounting to $12.00-$15.00 a pop, it's (unfortunately) slightly too rich for my blood.

And then there are the historical societies (which, as a lifelong history student, I'm loath to pass by)...

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