Monday, February 22

Research Diary (No. 2)

What happened this week?

Not much, actually.

Having been working all weekend, I haven't touch anything genealogy, nor did I complete challenge 7 of the "52 weeks to better genealogy series" (but I'm planning to do that today - and maybe even challenge 8 (historical maps) - since I'm off!).

And then there was the two cakes I had to do for work...

The only thing remotely to do with genealogy this week was a calendar I've started at google.  I'm planning to put all events in that I know dates for and (eventually) have a "This week in my family blah blah blah" thing.  (Or something like that, anyway... ;-)   Oh, and the blogs, of course (I keep adding more all the time - there's too many good ones!)

I'm still in my sorting and organizing phase, so no real actual research (besides the gems from the Ottawa Citizen) is going to be done anytime soon...

What's to be done this week?

      1.  The "52 weeks" challenges (weeks 7 and 8).

      2.  Family group sheets clean-up and organization.  I have all my source documention (births, deaths, census, etc.) somewhat neatly (there's one last pile I have to complete) organized, so it's on to the actual extraction.

      3.  Continue to search the Ottawa Citizen back issues for tidbits.

Non-genealogy, this week we're getting (from a friend at work) a dining room set (5 chairs, table, buffet and china cabinet), so I also have to do some moving and shifting...

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