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Pater Genealogia

Irish emigrants leaving home with the priest's blessing, in 1851,
from The Illustrated London News, May 10, 1851.
Credit: National Archives of Canada

My research interests lie with my paternal family (since my mom is reasearching her lines...), all of whom immigrated from various locations in Scotland, Ireland, and England to the Ottawa Valley (Carleton, Lanark and Renfrew counties) in Ontario, Canada.  Main names of preoccupation include Barber, Cameron, Cavanagh, Code, Duke, Evans, Gillespie, Grainger, Latimer, McNee, Needham, Rivington, Story, Tomlinson and Walsh. 

Below is the linear representation of my paternal ancestors, with each generation a different colour (the oldest of which dates back to the 1770s/1790s).  All of these are either immigrants to Canada or Canadian-born - I have yet to cross the hurdle that is the Atlantic Ocean.  No dates are included because a.) this is only an initial outline and b.) it would take me days to dig those out of the wreckage... 

Cameron, Jenn (me!)
d/o Cameron, B. & Hurlburt, W.
gd/o Cameron Ellwood A. & Barber A.
ggd/o Cameron, Joseph O. & Evans, Lavina
ggd/o Barber, Michael J. & Grainger, Linda
gggd/o Cameron, Archibald G. & McNee, Isabella
gggd/o Evans, George T. & Tomlinson, Mary
gggd/o Barber, Richard & Cavanagh, Elizabeth
gggd/o Grainger, Thomas & Story, Elizabeth
ggggd/o Cameron, Alexander & Gillespie, Flora
ggggd/o McNee, John & ?, Margaret
ggggd/o Evans, Richard & Code, Rachel
ggggd/o Tomlinson, William & Walsh, Mary
ggggd/o Barber, John & Rivington Mary
ggggd/o Cavanagh, John & Rivington, Jane B.
ggggd/o Grainger, William & Duke, Esther
ggggd/o Story, David & Needham, Jane
gggggd/o Rivington, Michael & ?, Catherine
gggggd/o Story, John & Latimer, Margaret

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Anonymous said...

About Richard Evans b,abt 1796 Cty Wicklow,Ireland and died 09 Oct,1874 at Ramsay, Lanark.Ont/he was the father of George Thomas Evans who m Mary nee Thomblinson and in turn were the parents of Lavina "Vina" nee Evans Cameron. Vina and Joseph "Cain" Cameron were our greatgrandparents:
Richard Evans settled in Ramsay at Con 1, Lot 20 E Settler number 71 on December 6, 1822. Referred as Lanark Military Settler in Letter to Major Hillier at Government House, York, U.C. Letter signed by Col. W. Marshall "Supt. " He also certified that this Richard Evans did not belong to the societies of emigrants from Lanarkshire Scotland and did not receive any assistance from Government in money or provisions. Letter dated December 24, 1825. Richard Evans emigrated from Ireland to Canada in 1822 and settled in Ramsay Township, Lanark County Ontario November 30th 1822. The family farm was located on Concession 2, lot 20 east just outside of Clayton. According to Lanark county (Ontario) census of 1861, his age is given as 61 years. The death of Richard Evans is entered in Ann Plunkett's family Bible as: October 9, 1874. The family farm passed to William and then to his son Abe and upon Abe's death the family homestead passed to George Pretty, a son of Janet Evans and George Goodson Pretty. The widow of George Pretty sold the homestead and the present owners are believed to be from Ottawa. Notes for Rachel Code: Her age is given as 67 years in the Lanark county census. The death of Rachel Code Evans is entered in Ann Plunkett's family Bible as April 9, 1879.

Info re Rachel nee Code ( Richard's wife):
Upon consultation with well known Codd/Coad/ Code family historian and researcher, Brian Bailey ( see his website at and in light of the current information we have regarding Rachel nee Code, Brian and I are, at this time, of the opinion, that Rachel's parents were likely John Code and Ann nee Groves- an older sister to George who married Jane nee Morris

Death record has yet to be found and death info is from daughter Ann nee Evan Plunkett's bible.
No headstone has currently been found.

Jenn- for alot more family history on the Barbers, Camerons, Evans, Thomblinsons, Grnagers, Storys ,etc as well as pics when available please go to and check out my tree titled "Roberton, Cameron,Maguire "

If you've trouble finding it contact me at