Sunday, January 31

Neglected Roots... (Research Diary, No. 1)

Almost a decade (eek!) has lapsed since I began my quest to discover where my family originated. I've ignored the piles (and piles, and piles, and piles... ;-) of paper which that initial search has precipitated for the past 3ish years (so, technically, it really hasn't been a decade...), as life and work and all that other crap intervened. In the meantime, we've lost pets and gained pets, moved places (and emails), lost a desktop computer, gained a laptop and cable (Ancestors in the Attic, yay!), and tried out a couple of other blogs (and topics of interest). Unfortunately, I'm still as scatterbrained as usual, and hopefully this attempt won't go the way of the dinosaurs (as did the other bloggies...).

And since I haven't laid a finger upon any of my genealogy crap within the last three years (and I wasn't the most organized person prior to that, as it was...), I'm beginning this reintroduction with some much needed O&O - organize and organize. At the moment, there are piles of (mostly crap) laid out upon the length of the couch. For the most part (I was apparently thinking at the time!), most of the vital records, postal correspondence, and census records (and a few other miscellaneous bits) are safe in sleeves and binders. However, my family group sheets and all that other accompanying paperwork should be officially declared a disaster zone - most of it will probably not survive...

So, here is the (immediate) purpose of this blog: to help myself (and I need all the help I can get!) re-organize my genealogical documents and present them in some semblence of order - so that, come the spring, I can begin my quest anew!

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