Monday, February 7

(Beginnings of a) Research Plan : William Granger/Grainger's Death and Burial

Objective: To find out when William Granger/Grainger died and to locate where he is buried.

Known Facts:
  • Located William and wife Mary (with William's brother and William's son from his first marriage) in the 1871 census (Fitzroy tp., Carleton co., Ontario, CAN).
  • Have not located William in the 1881 census and after (wife Mary died in 1874 and son Thomas married in 1872).
  • William was not found in the St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery (Pakenham tp., Lanark co., Ontario, CAN) transcription with his wives and son.
  • No death registration has been found in the Ontario Death Registration indexes (searched through both the Archives of Ontario in Toronto and's version)
  • William's son Thomas was listed as the informant for Mary's death in 1874 (William's second wife).

Working Hypothesis: William Granger/Grainger died between 1871 and 1874 and is buried at St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery, Pakenham, with the rest of his family.

Identified Sources:
  • Burial registers for Pakenham, held at Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives, available for 1841-1970.

Research Strategy:
  • Write to Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives asking for a Pakenham burial between 1871 - 1874.


Michelle Goodrum said...

Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress.

Jenn said...

Thanks Michelle! :)

Jenny Lanctot said...

I really like your outline here. I'm totally going to steal it and use it for some of my more .. ahem ... stubborn ancestors. I think it will help me look at everything in perspective - have you tried Lineascope? Sort of the same premise, I suppose. Yours seems way simpler.

Jenn said...

Feel free! I, um, "borrowed" it from someone else (and tweaked it a bit to suit me), so I can't claim credit.

I haven't tried Lineascope, but I just googled them. I'll have a look this evening (since I'm suppose to be getting ready for work right now!)

Jenn :)

Anonymous said...

Jenn, If you would like some pics of Thomas and Elizabeth nee Story Granger, Michael James and Linda nee Granger Barber,etc contact me at